If you are one of those people who are botched to control blushing, then many factors are involved in this spontaneous reaction. A sudden emotion or feeling can cause reddening or blushing. Although blushing act depicts the normal gesture or reaction of humans, it becomes a tight spot for the people who can not control their sentiments at all. Blushing is all right when it happens normally but excessive blushing may become weakness for many people. It is noted that embarrassment, insult, remorse, attention and admiration cause blushing. However, many people want to stop blushing for many reasons.

The people who want to stop blushing may suffer from low self-esteem, confidence, and self-assurance when they blush. Of course, if you blush excessively, you may lose your confidence and end up regretting the situation. The people who blush more than usual are considered meager, that is the biggest reason you need to stop blushing. When a person is aware that a certain surge of emotion could blush him / her, this knowledge starts affecting his / her personality adversely. A person may lose all confidence and even concentration. A person who knows that he / she might blush tries everything avoiding any embarrassing situation. This sort of avoidance pushes the person in more blushing pron circumstances.

Erythrophobia is classified as the phobia of getting blushed. Different people who are unable to control the surge of emotions often suffer from this type of phobia. This psychological effect adversely affects any person's personality. A person may become extraordinarily self-conscious about the skin color. Erythrophobia may cause social tribulations to the sufferer. It is definite that if a person is extremely self-conscious, he / she may suffer from the phobia of not being noticed or not being blushed. It is noticed that different people may suffer from severe depression and anxiety. It will be better that you do not consider the matters so seriously that they may cause blushing. If you think you can not access, consult psychiatrist.