Social phobia is a mental disorder that affects millions of people in the world and especially in the USA, however most people are not aware of the different treatments and remedies available to recover from this condition.

There are a variety of medications that help to overcome social phobia, some of the most common are SSRIs, MAOIs and BETA Blockers. Those are usually anti depressants that help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The downside with medications is that they have side effects in most cases, so is very important that you consult with your doctor and get a proper prescription.

However you do not have to rely on medications, there are other way to social social phobia such as psychotherapy and herb medicines.

The advantage of psychotherapy is that it helps you increase your fears and identify the root of you phobia, this will have a positive long term effect and you will not have in side effects.

Many people choose medications to treat social phobia because that helps them cope with their anxiety and panic attacks, but it does have secondary effects that can be risky.

The best option is to use Behavioral therapy which has proven to be very effective in most cases and have no risks at all. Consult your doctor on a regular basis and evaluate the different medicines that can help you.

As you can see medications can be effective in decreasing anxiety and depression, but they are not the ultimate solution for your problem.