What is agoraphobia, what causes it and what are the symptoms of it? Below we will explain all of those questions. It is one of the phobias in the family of phobias. It is tremendously stressful on the person suffering from it and their family and loved ones.

It is a phobia as we know of other more common phobia, fear of small places, heights, spiders etc. A phobia is a fear of a thing or situation, causing the person to want to avoid it. The definition of agoraphobia is the fear of being outside. Phobias go unreported because may sufferers find ways to avoid the situations that they are phobic of. Agoraphobia usually goes hand in hand with a panic disorder which makes the tracking much more difficult. Researchers estimate that one to seven (1-7%) percent of the population suffer from this disorder. It is also very under diagnosed.

What causes it you might wonder? One hypothesis is that it develops in response to repeated exposure to anxiety provoking events. It is a struggle between the feelings the person has towards the opposite sex parent and a sense of competition with the same sex parent. Like other mental health disorders it is caused by a number of factors, tends to run in families and some people are genetically disposed to acquiring it.

The symptoms include extreme anxiety having a panic attack when escape is not possible. The panic attack is the same as all panic attacks, involving fear, disorientation, rapid heart beat, dizziness and many other things. These individuals begin to avoid stressful situations that cause these reactions.

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