Being shy is normal for most people but there are those who shyness are of extreme levels that it gets in the way of their social life. For some people, extreme shyness has led them to dread meeting new people or being in the company of individuals they very know.

In its worst form, this condition is called social phobia. While, talking to family members and close friends may not be such a big deal, meeting strangers heightens the feeling and the fear kicks in. According to experts, the treatment for social phobia is the very thing that the person fears: society.

Stage fright, for example, is considered a form of social phobia. In order to overcome the fear of performing before an audience, the person needs to conquer it by facing the fear head on. If this means standing in front of the crowd and belting out a few verse or so, then it must be done. This way, the person will realize that there is really nothing to fear about the situation. Exposure therapy is a popular treatment for social phobia

The treatment for social phobia takes other forms. For instance, if the level of shyness or fear of being in public is not severe, medication can help. The dosage need not be strong. However, just like any health condition, the person may need to be evaluated and observed a couple of times before any medication is prescribed.

Social phobia may stem from a childhood experience. As a kid, the person could have been in a situation where other children have laughed at him or her. Physical humiliation, getting booed after a performance or being castigated in front of other people can affect the self-esteem of the person and lead to fear of any incident that closely resembles the childhood experience.

In some cases, treatment for social phobia may take more than just medication and facing the fear like going up on stage. Another interventions that may be done is Psychotherapy. This therapy may be recommended if all other simple remedies for your fear have failed.

Psychotherapy sessions are important. They allow the person suffering from social phobia to realize that the basis of the fear is irrational and that they should let go of that childhood experience that causes him or her to experience anxiety attacks. It provides reassurance that whatever happened before will never happen again today.

Medication and psychotherapy sessions may be done simultaneously. This way, the patient recovers fast from any irrational fear that could build up. In due time, when the treatment procedures are followed religiously, social phobia will just be a thing of the past that you will not have to go through ever again.