As human beings, we often feel afraid of something or some situation due to unexplained reasons, sometimes it is on account of an instinctive knowledge of danger. However, there are sometimes fears that arise which have no reason, an irrational and often disabling fear possesses people in certain situations, which are called phobia. You probably have heard of fear of heights, water, spiders, closed spaces etc. Here are some of the top seven most bizarre fears from around the world.

A strange fear of cleaning with water that has been reported is ablutophobia. It may sound funny, but it is a bizarre and very difficult condition for those experiencing it. People have no fear of water, but fear being cleaned with water. They may end up going months without cleaning themselves increasing incidence of disease.

2. Xanthophobia
Do you love colors? What if you had an irrational fear of the color yellow? Xanthophobia, is the name of this fear where sufferers have severe panic attacks and a terrible feeling of dread when facing this color in their surroundings. Artists with this fear would have a hard time, as would someone behind the wheels at a yellow signal.

3. Coulrophobia
Clowns are a hit at circuses and parties, but what if they were a source of abject fear and repulsion to you? Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns, seen to occur in both children and adults. Bonzo is not a good theme for parties around these people, it will send them running for cover.

4. Anthophobia
Sending flowers to someone? Make sure they do not have anthophobia. You might want to send chocolates and a card instead. Those with this fear have really bad anxiety and panic attacks when they see flowers, petals or even stem of flowers around them. Do not send flowers to someone with this fear if you do not want them panicking.

5. Arachibutyrophobia
Arachibutyrophobia is a strange fear in some individuals where peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth causes them immune panic attacks, dizziness and anxiety. It is believed to stem from a severe embargo and these people avoid eating peanuts altogether than suffer a debilitating fear.

Are you someone who can not stay at home, do you find that you fear furniture in your home or that your home itself? You may have a case of Oikophobia. People with this phobia simply can not be in their home without having palpitations, and a panic attack that makes it difficult to function. Being homeless sounds like a better option. This fear can be conquered like others through therapy and hypnosis, but it is a strange one to have. Maybe watching Amytiville Horror is not such a good idea.

7. Autophobia
When the source of fear is outside you, you can avoid it, but what if you fear yourself? Sounds strange right? Well, those with autopsy will disagree. They have a fear of self that does not allow them to function normally. They fear that will harm themselves. This occurs in about 5% of people and requires extensive therapy to conquer.