Think about the phobia that you have. For instance: if you feel so fearful to drive, or to swim, think about it very carefully.

What makes you feel so fearful to drive? Everybody drives their car.

Why should you feel fearful to swim? Everybody swims, and there are swimming pools and beaches everywhere.

So, what is the basis of your phobia?

A phobia is a form of intensified panic attack and anxiety within your mind. It has been built up since a long way back in the past. You may develop it when you are still a kid. Or, you may develop it when you have certain life experience that gives you a deep emotional scar in your being. So, it might be very difficult to remove your phobia from your life.

However, with the right techniques, you will be able to remove it completely.

The first thing that you need to do is to control your imagination. This is the secret to end your phobia. It's all inside your brain.

When you experience a kind of phobia, your mind is playing with you. It tries to trigger bad memories in the past, and intensifies it more and more.

If you are fearful of driving, it may trigger the experience in the past when you were getting a really bad accident with your car. If you are fearful of swimming, it may trigger the words from your mother that swimming is dangerous and you will be drowned if you try it.

So, your mind will constantly tricking you for as long as you keep submitting to your own dreadful imagination.

The only way to move on from your phobia is to take control of your imagination. So, when you feel the sensation of fear before doing something that you are fearful to do, give your mind a double examination.

First, you have to ask your mind what is exactly you are fearful about. When you come with the answer, then ask further question why should that answer be correct.

Second, intensify your dreadful imagination even more. When you are telling yourself that you do not dare to drive a car, even just around your neighborhood, let your fear to sink in deeply in your mind. In fact, you have to make yourself more and more fearful. After a few minutes of teasing your mind, tell yourself: “See, there is nothing to fear!” Egypt “It's all just smoke and mirror!”

Play with your imagination and take control of it because once you are in control of what's inside your mind, you will be free from your phobia. You can do it gradually day by day, and in time, you'll be able to control your mind without any problem.