No one wants to live with social anxiety. So why do so many of us suffer from it when there are ways to overcome it? Here are the top 4 mistakes that social anxiety sufferers make.

Mistake # 1: Procrastination

So you have a plan to make social anxiety. Or depending you intend to research a way to overcome social anxiety. And yet, nothing has happened. Many people would love to be rid of this phobia, but just have not gotten around to it.

One of the top mistakes people make is procrastination. They may spend too much time researching everything they can, or putting it off for whatever reason. Overcome your procrastination. Just start. Learn as you go along, or you may never get anywhere. You do not have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Procrastinators also tend to focus on things that are not that important, rather than what will actually help. Avoid slaving away at something that will not really help you in the long run. Be sure to keep focused on what will get rid of social anxiety for good.

Mistake # 2: Trying To Overcome With Willpower

Every now and then, one of us will be hit with a bolt of inspiration or incredible energy and eagerness to overcome our anxiety. We get going and immediately work at overcoming.

Now, if this sudden rush of willpower has helped you cure your social phobia, then that's great! However, most of us will eventually lose that rush and sink back into fear's grip. Why is this? Because there is nothing to support you when you act on willpower alone. While you are trying to overcome, that relief you feel from avoiding situations is calling to you very loud, tempting you to come back where it is safe.

Most of us can not do this on will alone, we need to create an alternative – a support – that will keep us on the right track and drive away that temptation of turning back.

Mistake # 3: “I Can not Do This”

Perhaps you love the thought of being anxiety free, but deep down you are afraid to be rid of it. Something is stopping you from getting rid of social phobia for good and for now you would rather just avoid it all.

The fact is you can do this, as long as you have a plan. Set yourself goals. And note that everyone makes mistakes. Do not try to be perfect, just get started.

Mistake # 4: Do not Leave It Too Late

Do not put up with social phobia. Resolve not to put up with another year of living with all the stress and fear. It is not worth it for you. You have a life to live and so much potential.

Do something every day, even if it's small that will help you in overcoming social anxiety. Pick a method (either through self help or therapy) and get started. Do not give up so fast on one thing either. Start today.