Many adolescents, adults and even children experience a severe case of social phobia, which consist of being afraid of talking to people and being observed. This phobia is very frustrating and can lead to depression if not treat it properly.

There is not much information about social anxiety on the media and the news even though it is a very common mental disorder in the US. So I'm going to give you a few social phobia facts so you can be aware of what is this really about and how you can over it.

Usually a person is aware that they have this disorder in their awareness, although you can have it at any age. They usually do not look for help because they do not want to feel embarrassed with their friends or they think that is something that only they have and no one else.

The causes of social phobia are not yet very accurate, however there are a few facts that are known to trigger this disorder. Genetics can be a cause of social anxiety, if a parent had it you are most likely to have the same problem.

One of the most common causes is social experiences, everyone reacts different to negative criticisms and embarrassment, even an abusive event or constant criticism of a person can trigger social anxiety. Sometimes they had a very bad experience at school where a teacher humiliated them and that could cause it, similar events in different situations can happen.

After the negative event they feel so embarrassed and frustrated, that they just cant stop thinking on that event and then get a social phobia problem. As i said, it depends on every person, some are not vulnerable to this but for others can be life changing.

The effective treatment for this social disorder is cognitive behavior therapy which helps you change your patterns and self beliefs. You should find professional help as soon as possible, so the disorder can be change it easier.

Medication is another option to relief symptoms in the short term, but they do not cure the source of the problem. Usually anti depressants are used to reduce depression and anxiety but have a few side effects that you should be aware of.