Many 'phobia cures' make grand claims about their effectiveness, yet this few few have chosen to be tested on those claims. And none have opted to be tested in full view of millions of people. Yet this is exactly what happened when Women's Own, an English woman's interest magazine wanted to prove, once and for all if it was really possible to cure a lifelong phobia in just one session.

The Phobia Free Challenge.

The Woman's Own journalist Christine Morgan chose a cure that is readily available online; the Phobia Free Therapy from the She was drawn by the claims made on the website “Phobia Free is gentle way to eliminate any phobia and because it uses combination of Time Line Therapy (TM) and NLP, it is fast and effective. , 20, 30 years it can be deal with quickly, usually with one session. Grand words, but would the talkingcure really allow their phobia therapy to be publicly put to the test?

Much to the surprise of Christine, who had been turned down by others she had approached, a talking therapy practicer immediately agreed to take part.The challenge was simple Christine would choose a subject. Actually she already had someone in mind, someone she knew professionally, someone who she knew had a real, unmistakable phobia. Then using the Phobia Free Therapy the subject had to be rid of their phobia in just two hours. Whatever the outcome of the results would be used as the basis of an article.

The subject chosen was Louise Moore, 33, a public relations officer from Nottingham. She had suffered from a needle phobia for nearly thirty years which had a severe impact on her life. As Louise explains “I was so scared of needles, I could not vacation anywhere exotic. I was going to Australia but stopping for a few days in Singapore , which meant I needed injections. “It's the thought of the needle going into my arm that makes me sick with fear.”

The Phobia Cure Therapy.

On the day Louise was guided through the Phobia Cure, a step-by-step workbook that gets to the root or trigger of the phobia. The process disconnects the emotion from the trigger at an unconscious level. Once the emotion connected to the trigger of the phobia is gone, there is no fear and if there is no trigger and no fear there is no phobia. Two hours later and the process completed, Louise was feeling very differently about her 'phobia', in fact she said that “By the end of the session needles no longer bothered me. I could have had a jab there and then! This year I do not have to worry about where to go on holiday because having inoculations is not a problem – we can go anywhere! “

Will the Phobia Cure last?

Louise thought that she was finally rid of her phobia, but would it last? One criticism of these 'one-and-done sessions' is that they seem too good to be true, that they will work in the short-term but fade over time. So eighteen months on, what happened to Louise? Remember, that the only intervention used to help Louise was one two hour session with the Phobia Free therapy. To date Louise is still free of her phobia, in fact since the therapy Louise has had a number of injections, without any trace of phobia, anxiety or fear. She is now free to take holidays anywhere in the world …