The Difference Between Fear and Phobia

No matter who you are, we are all afraid of certain things. When fear controls parts of your life it is often a phobia. The term Arachnophobia is described as an ellogical fear of spiders. This fear of spiders can be controlled with certain methods. Capitalise on these methods and begin to enjoy life. Everybody is scared of something. We are just different, and so we are afraid of different things. Some are scared of certain animals, others by the dark. Some people are afraid of losing people they love, some are afraid of being hurt. While a fear is not easily overcome, you should try to face it, or it could take control, and the fear could become a phobia.

A phobia is an overwhelming fear of certain things, including but not limited to:

• people,
• places,
• insects,
• or objects.

When a fear is unreasonably avoided, it may be a phobia. This way of life can have a negative impact on a person's lifestyle. Extreme fear will put limits to what an individual can achieve.

About Spiders

By nature, spiders are not attractive creatures. Many spiders can be large, furry and venomous. At the sight of them, it takes extra effort to muster up the courage to whack them with a shoe. Now let's take a detailed look at arachnophobia, or the phobia of spiders. Statistically, half of women and a tenth of men have arachnophobia.

So what exactly causes this kind of fear?

• It may have been observed from parents, influenced by friends or suddenly triggered by a traumatic event. In particular it can begin during childhood, triggered by a distressing experience.
• A person with arachnophobia may often see another with a fear of spiders, or experienced a spider bite.
• Stories and myths about arachnids are often scary and untrue.

It really is not easy to trace the cause of phobia when any kind of phobia, including arachnophobia, can appear suddenly, giving no warning as to when it appeared. There is good news though, this fear can be conquered. The first method is to gradually expose the person to what they are afraid of, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the fear. This method must be done slowly and may take some time. One of the most important things to do is to request help and there before start to take control of your emotions. There are many others with phobias and you are not alone. You deserve to live life the way you want so take that first step to overcome your fear.