How you can overcome emetophobia and lose your fear of vomiting …

OK, fact time, virtually no one (and no judgment if you are one of the few!) Likes throwing up. It's not pleasant, it's often connected to either being ill or maybe over indulging in some way. Some people are sick at the drop of a hat, all it takes is one too many cocktails. Others can not remember the last time they were sick and, as they say, have a 'stomach of steel'. Neither of these types of people bear any resemblance to an emetophobic.

A person living with emetophobia will remember every last detail of the last time that they were sick, even though it's usually a decade or more in their past. The emetophobia makes them remember what date it was, what time it was, what they were wearing, who they were with, where they were … everything. It's so detailed it actually becomes a hyper-memory. The memory of the last time they were sick plays in their head like a movie and it's not just the little details that feel so clear. They have also detailed recollection of how awful it made them feel.

Emetophobics have a huge emotional reaction to their internal movie. To put this into perspective, many people with emetophobia would literally rather die than be sick. This sounds silly to someone without emetophobia, but to someone who has it, the fear and the emotion this causes is all too real.

It is this fear that drives emetophobics to train themselves to not be sick; I was not exaggerating with my 10 year comment earlier. People with emetophobia can take drugs and chemicals which are designed to make people sick and completely resist them; they have so much control over their bodies it is amazing. They control their own body to stop themselves being sick, that takes an amazing amount of strength. It's like when you see the strongest man competition, people who have trained themselves to withstand something that an average person could not. An individual can challenge and beat emetophobia based on this strength and control

So if you are emotophobic take strength from this fact. You have the most amazing control over your body, your fear has made sure that your control over being sick is beyond imagining. So have faith in that fact. Be sure that you have absolute control over your body and let the fear go, you can overcome emetophobia .