Nyctophobia, commonly understood as the fear of the dark, is felt by normal people once they find themselves in the middle of a dark room or a very dark area. Phobias are common feelings in many people which are described as irrational fears and manifest themselves in many forms. This is just one of them. Sometimes it is related to a person being traumatized by a certain past event related to darkness.

Phobia often starts simply as a fear of certain things or happenings until it will bloom into serious issues resorting to anxiety and panic attacks when not touched right away. When the person has anxiety attacks, these are readily seen and they include the following: very strong fear, being scarred of actually getting crazy, a feeling of getting trapped, having problems breathing regularly, dizziness and strong nausea, being constantly disoriented and a feeling of numbness in extremities.

When people are plagued by panic and anxiety attacks, witnesses mistakenly take them as heart attacks and brings them to the hospital as an emergency case. It is a cost procedure when one is subjected to a heart check-up while panic attacks take time before a diagnosis is finally and accurately made.

When a person is not well well after regularly stricken with panic attacks, it will develop into a panic disorder which can become terrible and dreadful. But this fear can easily be cured and will allow the person to return back to normal. Recovery is fast once the panic disorder is read. We often forget people had this disorder after they return to their good health after bouts of panic attacks.

People who are fearful of the dark are often involved in acquiring knowledge of doing and recognizing things and this is done to ease up their fear. This is called CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is an affordable treatment utilized for people with similar disorders which yields rewarding results. Other self-help programs are also offered to people with other similar kinds of phobias and panic disorders.

This program commences on how people with the disorder recognize the attack and find ways to counter it. It does not do them well to worry too much and this should be highlighted to them. When CBT is too costly, other self-help programs can be saved to as a second choice. This is more convenient for them away from the treatment being done with privacy and confidentiality that the patients get during treatment. Similar other treatments also entail hypnosis and the use of medicines which can give some satisfying results.