Fear of flying or Aerophobia is a condition that can cause serious effects both physically and emotionally to any one. This is one of the most common phobias people should be aware of. Being scared to ride an airplane is not a simple problem. In most cases, this fear is a result of underlying conditions that needs to be treated. If you have Aerophobia, here are some things you have to know about how to overcome fear of flying.

Learn the Symptoms
This fear can manifest in numerous ways. To find the best treatment for your condition, you must know the common symptoms you may feel when experiencing an anxiety attack because of the object of your fear. The symptoms you will experience may vary. Sometimes you will experience a symptom you did not experience from your previous episode.

An anxiety attack that stems from phobia may have the following symptoms.

– Stomachache or that butterfly feeling in your stomach.
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– Dizziness
– Nausea
– Sweaty hands
– Difficulty breathing

An episode can happen anytime and anywhere especially if exposure to the object of fear is imminent. Sometimes, people even experience a panic attack just by thinking of their fears.

How to Overcome Fear of Flying

There are many tips about how to overcome phobias. Some of these tips are to take sedatives before your flight and drink relaxing drinks like champagne during the flight. While these methods may work to relieve your fears, these are just temporary methods of getting rid of your phobia. You will be still afraid of flying.

If you never want to experience a panic attack because of your phobia again, you have to find a treatment that will help you permanently get rid of your fear. There are numerous options you can take to win over this condition.

Medication therapy works best with psychotherapy but these therapies are effective on their own. With medication therapy, your doctor would prescribe drugs that can help lessen the frequency of your attacks. Psychotherapy works best for phobias as in this type of treatment, you are presented with several things you can actually do to not be scared anymore. Exposure therapy is a technique used to help you conquer your phobia. In this method, you will typically be exposed to your phobia in controlled situations until you are not scared anymore. You will learn how to overcome fear of flying by braving the object of your phobia.

Flying is one of the most convenient way to travel. Do not miss on the opportunity to experience this convenience just because you are scared of it. There is nothing to be scared of. Face your fear and you will see what you've been missing for a long time.