Are you gripped by sudden unfounded and unexplainable fear? Do you find yourself holed up inside the house and afraid to go out in public places? If you answer yes to both questions, you should seriously consider the fact that you may be suffering from a condition called agoraphobia.

In Greek, Agoraphobia means fear of the market. The term agoraphobia has since expanded to cover open spaces, public spaces as well as other locations that may cause you to panic or have sudden anxiety attacks. While it is true that agoraphobia is commonly associated with panic disorder or anxiety, this condition may also be caused by depression or emotional trauma.

Agoraphobia Self Help Is Possible

Like most other psychological conditions, Agoraphobia can be treated by regular therapy or sessions with a psychiatrist. One of the most effective ways to address this problem is through cognitive behavior therapy or CBT. This kind of treatment has been employed since the 1980's and has an impressive success rate, with about 80 percent of patients recovering from agoraphobia and panic disorders.

Since panic attacks are characterized by moments of intense fear coupled with physical manifestations such as rapid breathing, palpitations, cold sweats and many others, one of the key points of CBT teaching patients different techniques and strategies to break the negative thoughts and arrest the attacks as they occurrence.

If you are not comfortable attending psychotherapy sessions or you simply do not have the time for scheduled appointments, you can still find a solution for your condition. Agoraphobia Self Help training can now be done in the comfort of your own home by learning, practicing and repeating the CBT methods which you can get from instructional manuals, audio books, and Agoraphobia Self Help videos.

Agoraphobia and Panic Attack treatment materials are readily accessible and easy to follow. These step by step methods and techniques are not only effective in arresting episodes of this condition but are also great in promoting a more positive and relaxed approach in life.