Here are some methods to get you safely back on the road.

Practice makes perfect. To begin with, everything that one chooses to learn requires practice. Repetition will get you better and better. The very simple act for instance, building your bicep muscles, requires repetition and believe me, only you can do it.

Deep Breathing. If you find yourself showing the initial signs of fear for example (nausea, stomach pains, sweating, and nervousness), inhale deeply to calm yourself and relax. Take deep breath in and out slowly and calmly. Science has proven that conscientiously telling yourself to relax while deep breathing will help to calm yourself. This exercise in itself will also help you to gather your thoughts and take control of the situation.

Get a companion to come along. Ask a driving companion to accompany you. Invite your friend or buddy to follow you. Having them with you is a sure way to lessen the feeling, and it will increase your confidence as well. Having a conversation while driving is a very simple way of distracting you for being overly concerned with yourself.

Music. Listening to your favorite music station while driving is one way of calming your nerves. The sound of music can calm your mood and feeling. Humming or singing your favorite tune can help you take off the things that stress you. As mentioned above, sometimes the distraction of another task is a very good way to build your confidence in driving alone.

Learn to take small progressive steps. You will eliminate your phobia and reach your goal by taking small steps rather than huge strides. It is a sorry state that many people with driving fears simply give up this routine but pleasurable task. Accepting this phobia is not the best way to over it. Think and take small steps by driving for short periods and slowly increase your duration till all your fears have disappeared. Drive to a nearby convenience store. If you have to, pull over and take a break if you feel your anxiety returning. The repetition and practice will be your best bet to overcome this anxiety.

Remember, only you have the power to overcome your fear of driving. Decide to do the routine of practicing your short journey drives, and you can look forward to happy days of cruising.

Driving has been and is a pleasurable experience for everyone – this should also be for you.