Most, if not all of the people we know are afraid of something. It could be something 'normal', that most people refer to (like flying), or you could have a phobia of something that is really obscure (like sticky labels). In Part 2 of this article on fears and phobias, we continue to show how to distinguish between errors and phobias.

Other Factors to Help Distinguish Between a Fear and a Phobia

Another example is someone who has a phobia of snakes. In the United Kingdom, there is a slight risk of seeing a snake on a warm sunny day. The snake may not hear you approaching, and you may end up stepping on it in bare feet and getting bitten. The likelihood is very small. Now the person who has a fear of snakes might let this escalate and, in turn, may not even be able to see a picture of a snake in a magazine or on the television, without breaking into a cold sweat.

What Causes A Fear To Become A Phobia?

The reason a fear is allowed to become a phobia is down to our subconscious mind. Our conscious mind filters all the information we read and see through to our subconscious mind. Our subconscious accepts everything. The subconscious mind creates and makes things happen, but it is unable to differentiate between what is good and bad for us. It is the conscious mind that can differentiate between the two. So, we watch television or read a magazine and our conscious mind accepts the news and creates a picture of the situation. Our subconscious mind then stores the picture with an attached emotion deep inside our mind. If the emotion attached is fear, it can be difficult to detach the feeling from the image.

What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

Ideally, you would not allow any fears or phobias to get into our subconscious mind. You would stay optimistic and focus on, and cultivate more, positive feelings. In reality, this is not always easy, so if you are not happy, try to find something positive to focus on – no matter how small – as focusing on how unhappy you feel will only make you feel worse.

Visualize yourself in a happier place or situation. Imagine how you feel when you achieve what you want to achieve. See yourself possessing what you want and hold on to that feeling. This may prove difficult at first, however it will become easier the more you practice it.

This will lead you to attracting more of the positive things you want and you will also feel better as a whole. Charging yourself with positive energy will help prevent fears and phobias taking a hold in the first place.

If you start to notice you are fearful about a specific thing, nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. Rationalize what you are fearful of and, if possible, actually face the fear head on. As a popular book title states “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”.