Astraphobia is a fear of thunder and lightning. Brontophobia is the name for fear of thunder. For a phobia to be recognized to the point of having a specific medical term for it, the phobia likely has an impact on a great number of people. Luckily fear of thunder hypnosis and fear of lightning hypnosis are similar in technique so if you fear either or both, then the same hypnotherapy program will be effective. The symptoms of astraphobia include panic, terror, dread, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, anxiety and trembling.

There is an atavistic element in being afraid of storms. From the days of cave people, there was a good healthy understanding that the elements can kill people and that a storm can destroy your home, the vegetation around you, and negatively impact your surroundings. Even today, with all the technology the world has at its fingertips, severe weather can decimate towns and cities.

It is no surprise to find that astraphobia is the third most common phobia. It usually begins in childhood. Sometimes however, it may not emerge as a fear until adulthood. There have been instances of people being stuck and killed by lightning. If this happened to someone near you, lighting could easily become a terrifying experience.

Because fear of thunder and lighting is a natural human condition for a child to experience, it does not begin as phobia. With a calm adult presence, the fear can be contained from the very beginning. Acknowledgment of the weather conditions and then distraction to a more pleasant activity is the ideal way to cope with lightning and thunder. However, if the adults are nervous about thunder and lighting, then the child will pick up on that fear and the seeds of the phobia are then planted.

It is difficult to separate out the two factors – the thunder and the lightning – so that the actual element that causes the fear is discernible. Since thunder is followed by lighting, usually within seconds, the fear that sets could be for the thunder or it could be simply that the thunder is a precursor to lighting and the fear is just anticipation of the fear. Treatment for both thunder and lighting is the best approach.

Astraphobia is not diagnosed until it has been present for more than 6 months. The sooner treatment begins, the sooner the issue is resolved. Thunder hypnotherapy and Lightning hypnotherapy can access the subconscious and re-pattern the way a client responses. Using regression, the initial sensitizing event can be identified and the perception of that event can be changed. This in combination with suggestive therapy can remove the fear quickly and easily.

People who have astraphobia or brontophobia may experience physical symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and trembling as soon as they hear the first rumble of thunder. They may also be preoccupied with the weather report during rainy seasons. Hypnosis for Fear of thunder and lightning can eliminate these fears so that the weather no longer provokes feelings of panic or dread.

If you or someone you know has a fear of thunder and / or lightning, hypnosis might be the best treatment option.