Fear of driving is a terrible phobia as it cuts you off from important aspects of the modern life. However, it can be treated with a great deal of success and even eliminated completely. The number of people who suffer from driving phobia is awful, but the number of people who conquered this fear is also impressive. If you suffer from fear of driving, know that there are treatment options for you.

1. The Fear of Driving program. This is a unique online program by Rich Presta, a former sufferer of driving phobia. Rich, after failing to overcome his fear by therapy, developed this guide to conquer fear of driving. It has helped many people. As it deals specifically with fear of driving, it is especially effective.

2. The Conquer Your Phobia program by John Richter, is an online program which deals with any phobia you may have. This program manipulates the very neural pathways in your brain which are making you more prone to fear. Many people have used this program with all sorts of phobias. It's not specific to driving phobia, so I think that the 1st program I reviewed is the better treatment for fear of driving, but Conquer Your Phobia is excellent for people with multiple phobias.

3. Therapy. Seeing a therapist can have excellent results, but it's usually a slow and expensive process. However, for some people talking with someone on their problems and fears is the thing they relate to most. If you can spare the cash and the time, this is an option worth considering.

I hope I've opened you eyes to treatments of driving phobia. I wish you luck and may you conquer your fear of driving soon.