Bridges can seem like scary things to drive over. They're hanging in the air, and if they collapse while we cross them, we could get seriously hurt. However, people drive over bridges every day without giving this potential risk a second thought. How do they do this?

Most people are aware that bridges sometimes collapse, but they are also aware that it happens so seldom that the chances of it happening while you're actually on a bridge are automatically zero. The problem is that once a bridge does collapse, the news channels shout it out for 3 days straight until you believe that it's a real danger. It's not. It's something which hardly ever happens. Especially in modern countries like the US, Canada, or the countries of Western Europe. Most bridges stand for decades and will continue to do so for decades more with no problem.

If you have a fear of crossing bridges which keeps you from driving over them in comfort, you should do something about it. One way is to try to drive with someone else in the car. This will have the effect of sharing the fear with someone else and would reduce your anxiety. Another thing would be to start counting numbers when you begin driving over a bridge. This will keep your mind busy and reduce the fear you feel. A third little trick you can do is to sing at the top of your voice with the radio (play a fast song). Singing can be very calming. You'll feel the strain draining from you.

If your fear of driving over bridges persists, you should seek out some treatment for it so that this fear will not spread and become a full blown fear of driving. This is a treatable fear which you should not allow to continue.