If you are a phobia sufferer, the good news is you are not alone. There are many many hundreds of different phobias and up to 20% of the entire US population sufferers from a phobia of some kind. Unfortunately the general feeling is that treating a phobia will take many counseling sessions with a professional counselor over a number of months, and even then there is no guarantee of success.

Phobia sufferers understand that a phobia can be extremely debilitating, and can prevent you from being able to participate fully in life. A phobia can affect your personal life and your working life and will affect you and those people around you. The fear that is experienced by phobia sufferers is intense, persistent and irrational.

One of my most recent clients, John was a sales representative for a major national corporation. However his fear of flying had him stuck in his position as a regional manager. John's intense fear of flying pretended him from seeking further promotion within his company. Another of my clients, Sarah suffered from arachnophobia. Sarah's fear of spiders mean that she would not go anywhere out of her normal routine for fear of coming into contact with a spider or spider web. For many days, Sarah did not venture outside of her bedroom for fear of coming into contact with a spider.

The good news is that treating and curing a phobia does not have to be expensive. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques it is possible to cure a phobia in as little as ten minutes. And there is no need to risk triggering an episode of your phobia by exposing you to the thing that triggers your phobia as some methods involve. This method can be used by almost anyone and no professional training is required to use this method. The treatment can also be repeated as many times as required for greater peace of mind.