Agoraphobia is a condition that is understood poorly from people who have never suffered from it.
Try asking a random person what agoraphobia is and chances are they will not have a clue or roll out some generic quote such as “People who are afraid to leave the house!”, Ask a random perosn what it means and they'll tell you it's “The Fear Of Leaving Home”

In many cases, this is actually true. It is more importantly used to describe the fear of certain situations that bring on the symptoms of panic and anxiety leaving the sufferer with no other option option other than returning home or to their safe place.

Victims of agoraphobia develop this condition because they are suffering from panic attacks and acute anxiety.

When they find themselves in certain situations, for no apparent reason and where “Normal People” can function normally, they are faced with the following symptoms …

– Increase in hear beat
– Pains in the chest
– Dizziness or lightheadedness
– Trembling and severe involuntary shaking
– Numbness in the extremities
– Fears about losing control and going crazy
– Fear of embarrassing themselves in front of others
– Hot flushes and cold sweats
– Sudden urge to rush to the washroom.

The above symptoms are extremely lifelike to the sufferer. However, they are not real and offer to no real threat to the person experiencing them. The people experiencing absolutely believe they are going to die or have a heart attack or stroke.

When the condition deepens in a person these symptoms start to occur more and more frequently.
As a consequence, the world of the victim becomes smaller and smaller and ever it gets to the stage wherey they can not leave their own house or dedicated “safe zone” (an area or place where they feel safe and do not get symptoms .)

A systematic approach is needed to reverse this condition and get the brain thinking back to the way it did before panic and anxiety took hold. Many people eliminate it by merely pushing their boundaries, as did I!
By putting one self into situations where symptoms are brought on, one can train the brain to realize that it is not in any danger at all … although this is extremely difficult for sufferers, once the brain realizes no harm is imminent, the symptoms disappear.

Personally, I was convinced I was dying. I did not!

Through pushing and pushing I was able to put myself into more testing environments where I could not previously tread. As time evolved, symptoms of my panic and anxiety disorder slowly evaporated and I am now 100% free from all symptoms!

Try it out and I'm sure you will see equally impressive results!